Bee Part of the Solution

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You may have heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Honestly though, since no one is sure of the exact cause of CCD, we can’t tell you exactly how you can prevent it. However, there are "best practices" that experts believe will help keep honey bees as healthy as possible.

  • Limit the use of chemicals and pesticides In your garden and in your lawn, the use of pesticides is suspected by many to be harming honey bee populations. Limit the use of these chemicals, or better yet, go au natural. (You know what we mean.)
  • Become a backyard beekeeper Sure, beekeeping is big business. But it is also a great hobby that can increase honey bee populations and help the plants in your area.
  • Plant a garden Not just any garden, a bee-friendly garden. Talk to your local garden center for information about which plants attract honey bees. Diversity is key. Composting a must.
  • Write your Congressional representatives Funding for honey bee research is more critical than ever. Write a letter and voice your concern.

Things to consider...

More blossoms are pollinated using honey bees
Honey bees visit a flower several times. The more visits a honey bee makes to a flower, the better the fruit set.
Self-pollinating crops grow bigger fruit with honey bee pollination
Honey bees increase the quality of our fruit