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Sold Out - Haunted Happy Hour

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Sold Out - Haunted Happy Hour

Sold Out - Haunted Happy Hour

Friday, October 28, 2016 October 28, 2016 The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa

Our Apologies, this event is now - SOLD OUT

Enjoy a full range of spirits, from the intoxicating to the invisible, at The Brown Palace. Haunted Happy Hour begins with drinks and devilishly tempting hors d’oeuvres, accompanied by a brief overview of the venerable hotel’s 124-year haunted history. Then take a special tour with our hotel historian, and hear stories of unexplained occurrences within the walls of this unique and elegant building.

Liquor bottles that leap from shelves, bartenders that melt into mirrors, and musicians that mysteriously fade along with their music are among the harmless but mischievous phenomena that have made both staff and guests question their own perceptions over the years. What better way to experience The Brown than by sharing an evening with the friendly ghosts who have checked in -- but never quite checked out? Check it out yourself for a memorable pre-Halloween treat. (This tour is rated PG for PolterGeist!)

New This Year

Paranormal Investigators

Well-known professionals Baxter & gBryan are science-based investigators. The history-savvy duo employs scientific methods and instruments to analyze allegedly haunted spaces, attempting to explain the unexplained phenomena that titillate “ghost hunters.” Their lively and informative take on some of the hotel’s odd occurrences may surprise you.

Masonic & Knights Templar Scholars

Indy Jones and the DaVinci Code have got nothing on The Brown when it comes to Masonic secrets and symbols. Experts Stephanie Hare and Douglas Tull share their special knowledge of the building’s architect and architecture, including amazing parallels between the hotel and the legendary Solomon’s Temple, and evidence of The Brown’s mystical function.

Tarot Readers

Curious about your own destiny and relationships?  While enjoying drinkable spirits and Halloween treats in the Brown Palace Club, you may choose to sit for a reading with an interpreter who sees what’s in the cards for your future.

Prepare to be intrigued and entertained at the Halloween event only The Brown could host. The Haunted Happy Hour features a brief historical introduction to the private tours around the hotel which follow. Costumes are encouraged but optional. Normal cameras are welcome, but “ghost hunting” gear will not be permitted.