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The Rich History of Denver Flowers

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Flowers have graced the Brown Palace since 1895, when the Denver Florist Company opened a branch in what is now Churchill's Bar, though the shop was not a hotel-run business at the time. With a major remodeling in 1937 came the opening of The Blossom Shop, followed by the announcement of the Brown Palace Flower Shop opening in 1956, which was described by shop associate, Bobb Wirtel, as, "...the blending of traditional Brown Palace graciousness and intimate charm." The Brown Palace Flower Shop has existed in its current home since 2005, and has continued to exude the same graciousness and charm for which its historically known.

No matter the occasion, our boutique takes pride in crafting a beautiful arrangement to exceed your wishes. Browse our boutique floral arrangements, plants, seasonal/feature arrangements, corporate or event designs, signature items and bridal arrangements today, and please contact us if you have any questions.

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