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Stay at a Denver Green Hotel

The Planet Is Your Palace

Learn about Denver green hotel practices at The Brown Palace, a business that has made a commitment to be the best and most environmentally friendly hotel for our Denver community. Our Sustainability committee supports this mission through the following eco friendly hotel practices:

  • Raising awareness of sustainability in our guests and associates
  • Reducing our consumption of water and energy
  • Increasing our waste diversion rate through recycling, and compost
  • Creating a culture of sustainability in the way we live, operate, and innovate 


Green Success to Date:

  • Reduced electricity usage by 24% per occupied room 
  • Reduced natural gas therms by 30% per occupied room
  • Reduced water usage by 48% per occupied room
  • Increased waste diversion by 3.9 times 

Green Team Action Plan by 2030:

  • Reach a 90% waste diversion rate by the year 2030 through recycling, composting and awareness training with staff
  • Reduce electricity consumption by 76% through lighting upgrades and awareness training with staff
  • Reduce water consumption by 80% through facilities updates and awareness training with staff

In an effort to maintain our status as a Certifiably Green Denver establishment, as well as to conserve and protect Colorado’s natural resources, The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa promotes our facility as a Green Key Certified lodge through the following programs:


  • Hotel wide composting program established April 2014
  • Organic tower gardens supplement produce for our most elegant menu offerings
  • Hotel wide composting program is under development and will be operational by 2014
  • Single stream recycling is used through Waste Management company to include composting
  • Sustainable seafood menu
  • Reusable glassware is used in the employee dining area
  • Seasonal and locally grown foods are used
  • Cooking oils are recycled into bio-diesel
  • Grease traps are regularly serviced with biodegradable cleaners
  • Hood/Vents are serviced and cleaned regularly
  • Dishwashers have built in hot water boosters
  • Hot water tanks are flushed every 6 months
  • Energy Star appliances are purchased when available
  • Freezers and refrigerators are constantly monitored and serviced
  • Menus printed on recycled paper


  • Artesian well water used in all guest rooms and public area
  • Use air filters that are MERV 8 rated
  • Vent and filters are cleaned regularly
  • Use only Compact Florescent Energy Star light bulbs
  • Use of atrium lighting for daylight
  • HVAC equipment is working properly and has regular preventative maintenance program
  • Energy Rated televisions
  • Utility bills tracked and monitored to identify areas of opportunity
  • Aggressive goals to reduce energy and water usage through conservation and innovation
  • Air ducts are sealed and insulated to prevent leakage
  • Guest rooms equip with low flow shower heads, toilets and faucet aerators
  • Odd item recycling program under development to recycle: batteries, small electronics, and light bulbs
  • All paints are water based and have low VOC when possible
  • All guest rooms are non-smoking
  • Use Compact Fluorescent Energy Star light bulbs
  • Use of natural atrium daylight in the lobby

Front Desk/Bell Stand:

  • Recycle paper, toner cartridges, and newspapers
  • Recycle program for corrugated boxes
  • Guests are encouraged to recycle
  • Rental bicycle program in place for guests
  • Promotes guest and associate awareness of sustainability and hotel initiatives
  • Guest folios are emailed to guests to save paper waste
  • Strategic room blocking by guest preference and hotel occupancy
  • All room key cards are made on biodegradable stock

Catering, Convention Services, and Banquets:

  • Development of Green Meeting package for 2014 and 2015
  • Actively pursuing APEX green meeting certification
  • Use pitchers for water set up in banquet rooms using our Artesian well water
  • A programmable HVAC system in each meeting room that controls the temperature in occupied and unoccupied rooms
  • Meeting rooms equip with dimmer lighting systems
  • Hotel’s sustainability initiatives available for meeting planners
  • Leftover food from events is sanitarily brought to the associate cafeteria to minimize food waste
  • Minimal use of individual servings for packaged items


  • Use of cloth hand towels in all public restrooms
  • Linen and towel reuse program dictated by guest wishes
  • Use of environmentally preferred cleaning agents
  • All guest room cleaning products are biodegradable
  • Adjusted water usage on washing machines in laundry
  • Recycle bins on every floor landing for housekeeper use
  • Low flow shower heads in guest rooms
  • Equipment has been replaced with Energy Star washing machines
  • Leaks in toilets and faucets are checked on a regular basis
  • Glasses and mugs are used instead of disposables
  • Strategic seasonal thermostat settings
  • Use of natural light for cleaning
  • Control of unattended electronics in guest rooms
  • Guests amenities are cruelty free, biodegradable products in recyclable packing and produced in Colorado 
  • Unused guest amenities collected and donated to local homeless shelters
  • Clean and unused portions of toilet paper is available to staff to take home if they wish


  • Green committee comprised of several management and hourly associates dedicated to the promotion of sustainability practices
  • Sustainability is introduced to all new hires in property orientation
  • Green awareness center is built outside of employee locker rooms to spread knowledge, awareness and passion for sustainability
  • Sustainability page is being developed to be included in the guest room compendiums
  • Sustainability facts and awareness are promoted in associate cafeteria slideshow
  • Concierge is knowledgeable of local sustainable attractions
  • Associates and guests are encouraged to participate in all sustainability initiatives
  • Odd item recycle center outside locker rooms as well to collect batteries, light bulbs, and small electronics
  • Green facts of the day are included in the daily community electronic newsletter
  • IT policy and automatic computer programming to put computers into sleep mode after periods of inactivity
  • Sustainable purchasing policy


  • HR Cyber Recruiting (paperless applications)
  • Pay stubs are emailed rather than printed
  • Energy Star rated copiers and monitors

Uniquely Green:

  • Gold-level Green Leader on TripAdvisor
  • Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association “Good Earthkeeping” Award 2013
  • American Hotel and Lodging Association “Good Earthkeeping” Award 2014
  • Green Key Certified as of May 2013, receiving 4 out of 5 keys 
  • Founding business members of the Denver 2030 District and Denver City Energy Project
  • The Brown Palace Hotel is home to 5 bee colonies that live on our roof top and provides honey for spa products, local brews, and substance for local plant life
  • The Brown Palace Hotel is very unique in the fact that we have our own artesian well that provides water to our entire property
  • Natural daylight illuminates our lobby through our stained glass atrium
  • Sustainable purchasing policy that encourages and requires responsible partners in procurement