Services at The Brown Palace Spa

A day of exploring downtown Denver is the perfect excuse to rest, refresh and reset at The Brown Palace Spa. We offer an exceptional selection of spa services, including massages that targets and eliminates daily stresses. Choose between our signature massages, from Romantic Couples Massage and Prenatal Massages to Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Colorado River Stone techniques. Let your troubles disappear at our luxury Colorado spa.

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Salon Hair Care
Scrub, Wrap or Soak
Waxing, Microdermabrasion or Peel

CBD Massage

50min: $150 | 80min: $175

True Radiance Custom Facial

50min: $115

Treat your skin with this custom-tailored facial. Your expert facialist will determine the best approach to serve your skin’s unique needs. Begin with a consultation and experience an array of exfoliation, specialized massage techniques, and a cocktail of masks and cutting-edge organic serums to leave your skin refreshed, healthy, and flawlessly radiant!

Restorative Rescue Facial

80min: $215

This facial utilizes Epicuren®’s most cutting-edge antioxidant products to protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.  Exfoliating enzymes paired with a micro-derm scrub delicately smooth and refine, while skin-rescuing technologies prevent and correct the visible signs of aging. The skin receives an extra boost of nourishment and moisture to dramatically restore a more youthful appearance with this age-protecting treatment.

Renewal Peel Facial

50min: $150

Epicuren®’s uniquely formulated Intel-Release Professional Peels utilize an advanced delivery system to slowly release exfoliating acids into the skin, reducing the potential for acute inflammation and irritation. These peels effectively exfoliate lifeless cells, revealing new emerging skin which will allow for proper absorption of oxygen and nutrients; critical elements for healthy, vibrant skin. This completely customized facial actively addresses fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation, and dry skin and results will be seen with one treatment. Dramatic results are also achieved when this facial is given in a series and accompanied by a proper home care regime.

Himalayan Super Fruit Enzymatic Facial

50min: $135

Using the power of Himalayan superfruit enzymes to bring radiance to your skin and uplifting smells to your senses, this facial will leave you glowing.  An exotic cocktail of refreshing enzymatic fruit puree dissolves lifeless cells while their seeds gently buff them away creating the perfect solution for symptoms of acne, large pore size, hyper-pigmentation, and fine lines. These deliciously aromatic superfruits are packed full of vitamin C, minerals, proteins, and age-defying antioxidants to leave your skin feeling noticeably smoother with a vibrant glow revealed.

Brown Palace Signature Facial

50min: $195 | 80min $230

Experience unparalleled results in just one treatment with Epicuren®’s award-winning Signature Facial. An advanced enzymatic peel is coupled with layers of skin-tightening masks, which are systematically applied to mimic an aerobic, toning exercise for the face, visually improving muscle tone, firmness, and elasticity. Afterward revolutionary serums of proteins and B vitamins activate vital energy necessary for healthy cellular function, dramatically enhancing the appearance of skin tone and texture.

Brazilian Propolis Nourishing Facial

50min: $135

This treatment highlights Epicuren®’s powerful line of Propolis products. This amazing ingredient, combined with Olive Oil, Noni, and Omega 3, 6, and 9, will deeply hydrate, restore and nourish the skin achieving phenomenal results.


Acne Clearing Facial

50min: $120


This facial addresses the main areas of concern for clients dealing with acne: inflammation, bacteria control, exfoliation, and modulating oil production. Epicuren® acne treatments utilize a unique combination of exfoliating enzymes, sulfur, propolis, and probiotics as an alternative to traditional methods, resulting in a noticeably clearer complexion.  This facial incorporates a powerful purifying mask made from a blend of botanical essences in a base of Volcanic Ash and China Clay, two of nature’s most effective detoxifiers. Helichrysum, Lavender, Sandalwood, and Rosewood Oils are just a few of the exotic wild-crafted ingredients that promote regeneration to revitalize the skin. Results are most effective when offered in a series and accompanied by proper homecare.

Brown Palace Super Fruit Body Scrub and Wrap

50min: $135


The Himalayan Superfruit Body Peel delivers age-reversing antioxidants from Pomegranate, Goji, Acai, and Bilberry while their naturally exfoliating enzymes remove impurities. An ultra-buffing papaya pineapple scrub is then applied to further refine and perfect the complexion. While wrapped in a warm cocoon, these multitasking superfruits work their rejuvenating magic as you enjoy a luxurious scalp massage. This super peel finishes with a nutrient-rich skin hydrator to leave you feeling smoother than ever!

CBD Plunge Soak

40min: $100 | 40min: $180 (two-person)

CBD Body Wrap and Massage

80min: $220 (no shower needed)


Hydrate and relax your body like never before with this body wrap and massage combo. This treatment begins with dry body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Next you are covered and then wrapped in Vital Body Therapeutics CBD cream, containing eight pain relieving herbs to help your body heal and rejuvenate while you relax. This is followed by a relaxing massage making this a must have service.

Espresso Slimming Treatment

80min: $185 (no shower needed) Slim+Detox+Anti-Cellulite


Treat your body like a temple with this detoxifying and firming treatment, guaranteed to leave your body looking sleek and smooth. This treatment begins with dry body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Your body will then be covered in a European inspired Espresso Limón Slimming Oil formulated to purify and tone the body. This luxurious treatment will keep your body looking slim and fabulous all year round.

Brazilian Propolis Body Wrap

50min: $135


This innovative treatment features Propolis, an ingredient high in antioxidants and known for promoting the health and radiance of the skin. Your body receives the hydration and nourishment it needs, while wrapped in a warm cocoon. This soothing experience is completed with a moisturizing body massage using warm coconut milk.

Gentlemen’s Pedicure

50min: $65

Put your best foot forward. You will enjoy a calming soak, exfoliating scrub, a cleansing clay foot masque and finish with a hydrating and stimulating foot and calf massage.

Gentlemen’s Healthy Back

50min: $100

An intensive treatment for the health of your back, this therapy includes exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, light massage and a hydrating masque, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh. A simple solution for a hard-to-reach area.

Gentlemen’s Body Treatment

80min: $160

Perfect for those with tight, sore muscles, sports strains, or a sore, stiff back. You begin with a 50-minute Deep Tissue massage to release muscle tension and de-stress. Finish with a half-hour full body sugar exfoliation.

Occasion Up Do

From: $60

Perfect for a wedding or special occasion. To provide the best result, please shampoo hair no later than 12 hours prior to your visit. Please visit with dry hair.


  • All Over Color  |  From: $90
  • Partial Highlights/Partial Lowlights  |  From: $105
  • Full Highlights/Lowlights  |  From: $150
  • Corrective Color  |  From: $220
  • Conditioning Treatment  |  From: $20
  • Makeup Application  |  $50
  • Makeup Lesson  |  $65

Blow Dry, Style and Flat Iron

From: $80

Includes a Kérastase shampoo, condition and blow dry complimented with a flat iron to fashion your sleek style.

Blow Dry & Style

From: $40

Includes a Kérastase shampoo, condition and blow dry complimented with a curling iron to fashion your style.

Sideburn & Neck Touchup

From: $15


Gentlemen’s Classic Cut

From: $40

Includes Kérastase shampoo, condition, cut and style.

Classic Cut

From: $60

Refresh your hair with a new style. Includes Kérastase shampoo, condition, cut and style.

Treatment Cut

From: $90

Allow your stylist to analyze your hair and custom prescribe a Kérastase conditioning treatment to change the integrity of your hair, creating tremendous shine and vitality. Ideal for Colorado climate.

Artesian Plunge Soak

40min: $80 | 40min: $160 (two-person)

Relax in the aromatic essences of the combination of artesian water and specialized blend of essential oils.

Brown Sugar

50min: $115

Like a tempting dessert, this polish is crisp and sweet. A special blend of pure sugar and essential oils exfoliate, hydrate, and balance your skins PH.

Callus Relief Pedicure

80min: $105

This nourishing treatment provides serious attention to tough calluses and dry, tired heels. An exhilarating AHA scrub will start to smooth and soften your feet. Then experience the sea serum and sand exfoliating scrub, followed by a callus soothing treatment to relieve tough callused and dry heels. Your treatment is completed with proper nail care.

Extra Touches

  • Gel Polish Additional  |  $25
  • Gel Polish Removal Additional  |  $20
  • French Polish Additional  |  $15
  • Paraffin Bath Additional  |  $10
  • Polish Change Additional  |  $15

Express Pedicure

25min: $40

Short on time? Get your toes in shape with attention to shaping, buff, and cuticle treatment, topped off with the perfect polish.

Classic Pedicure

50min: $65

Our Classic Pedicure begins with a relaxing foot soak and an exfoliating scrub. A moisturizing mineral foot masque is applied to purify the skin and is followed by a hydrating massage, and nail care and polish.

Colorado Hot Stone Pedicure

80min: $105

Our Classic Pedicure begins with a relaxing foot soak and an exfoliating scrub. A moisturizing mineral foot masque is applied to purify the skin and is followed by a hydrating massage, and nail care and polish.

The Brown Palace Signature Pedicure

80min: $95

Indulge in a true treat for the feet. Relax with a sea salt foot soak, thorough exfoliating scrub and rich, moisturizing mineral mask. A hydrating massage and paraffin bath completes the perfect pedicure. Finish with nail care and polish.

Colorado Hot Stone Manicure

50min: $70

This manicure helps rejuvenate sun exposed skin with our vitamin E and rose hip oil lotion. The treatment begins with a hot stone massage on the forearms and hands to promote circulation in the hands and is finished with a healing paraffin treatment and specialized nail care.

Express Manicure

25min: $35

Short on time? Get your nails in shape with attention to file, buff, and cuticle removal, topped off with the perfect polish.

Classic Manicure

45min: $55

Reward your hands for all their hard work with this essential treatment. Feel the benefits of our citrus scrub gently exfoliating and refreshing your hands. Follow with heat therapy, a hydrating massage, nail care, and the polish of your choice to bring your hands back to life.

The Brown Palace Signature Manicure

50min: $70

Indulge in the perfect treatment for Colorado skin. After a gentle exfoliation, your hands are treated to a hydrating mist and enveloped in paraffin for ultimate moisturizing benefits. Complete your treatment with a luxurious massage, moisturizing masque, and hand and nail care.


The highest quality wax is used to provide the least bit of irritation and the most effective hair removal. For the best results, please allow at least 3 weeks growth. For your safety, please refrain from tanning beds and sun exposure for 24 hours before and after your appointment. Please inform your Esthetician if you are currently using certain medications such as Retin-A, Renova or Accutane due to the sensitized state of the skin while on these medications.


Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation system to remove dead skin cells from the face with a diamond-tipped wand. This treatment is excellent for acne, acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarges pores, and sun damaged skin.

  • Microdermabrasion Facial  |  50min: $110
  • Add microdermabrasion to any of our facials  |  $50
  • Microdermabrasion Body Services
  • Just Chest  |  $50
  • Chest and Back  |  $50
  • Stomach  |  $50

Neck & Décolleté

Added to any facial: $45

Designed as an intensive treatment for the beauty of your neck and décolleté, this therapy aids in balancing skin tone.

Smoothing Eye & Lip Contour

Added to any facial: $45

This anti-aging treatment uses Pro-retinol as a regenerator to minimize the signs of aging. Your eyes and lips appear smooth and refreshed.

30% Glycolic Peel

Added to any facial: $40

A glycolic exfoliant is applied to the skin to break down and slough the outer most layer of skin to reveal a smooth and refined complexion. Add to any facial and feel the radiant glow.

Healthy Back

50min: $100

An intensive treatment for the health of your back, this therapy includes exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, light massage and a hydrating masque, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh. A simple solution for a hard-to-reach area.


50min: $135  |  80min: $170

This massage specially created for expectant mothers in their second and third trimester. This massage soothing and safe for both the mommy-to-be and baby alike. Feel the relief of muscles, joints, and circulation as we pay special attention to your lower back, legs, and feet. (We recommend this massage in your second and third trimester. Those who are in their first trimester must have physicians note to perform service.)

Travelers Relief

50min: $130  |  80min: $175

This invigorating massage combines deep tissue and pressure point techniques with a special aromatherapy blend to ease the aches and fatigue from traveling. Recover from jet lag and feel revived.

Colorado River Stone

50min: 75min: $180

This exquisite treatment promotes the deepest relaxation. Experience your therapist blending warm and cool polished river rocks with gentle strokes that will leave you feeling renewed, releasing any tension.

To the Point

25min: $75

If you are short on time or new to massage, 25 minutes will allow us to locate and target the area(s) you are experiencing tightness, stress, or strain for quick relief.

Deep Tissue

50min: $130  |  80min: $175

Ideal to combat stress, this therapeutic massage allows tight, overused muscles to lengthen, loosen and become more relaxed.

Swedish Massage

50min: $115  |  80min: $160

There’s a reason why the Swedish massage is a classic. Gentle, rhythmic gliding and kneading strokes soften tense, sore muscles and soothe both body and mind. Enjoy the pampering you deserve.

Couples Massage


A massage can be even better when the experience is shared. Together you will each receive a customized candlelit tandem massage in our gorgeous VIP Couples Suite. Available in your choice of styles. Prices may vary.

The Brown Palace Signature Massage

50min: $135  |  80min: $180

Exclusively at The Brown, a blend of Swedish, Reflexology, and deep tissue techniques combined with The Brown Palace signature blend of lemongrass and sage essential oils will melt away the stress of the day.