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The Most Luxurious Among Denver Spa Hotels

Revitalizing Denver Facials at The Brown Palace

Enhance your natural glow by booking one of our facials in Downtown Denver or other skin care services. From facials with firming masques and Vitamin A to fitness facials and back exfoliation, the options at our Denver day spa have been designed with your radiance in mind. Call (303) 312-8940 to book one of our skin care services today, or click below.

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The Brown Palace Signature Facial

80 min $225

This luxurious treatment layers anti-aging ingredients, coupled with the application of a cool firming masque and an anti-aging hand treatment to restore the natural radiance to mature skin. The specific massage softens lines and assists in the penetration of the marine actives that provide a virtual fountain of youth for the skin. Give yourself the gift of renewal with the treatment that slows the signs of aging.

Phytomer Prestige Facial

80 min $170

A breakthrough in skincare offers a comprehensive solution to anti-aging or hydrating by using marine actives to naturally stimulate the body's protective mechanisms. This triple-mask-facial layers vital nutrients on the skin to improve tone, elasticity, hydration, and restore a youthful function. The first two masques are custom tailored to work simultaneously to treat individual skin types for hydration and/or anti-aging, and enhance the circulation via thermal action. The final, mineral-rich masque will smooth and revitalize for a toned complexion.

Express Facial

25 min $65

You’re short on time, but want a little refresher? Give us 25 minutes and we’ll give you a cleanse, exfoliation and hydration suited for your skin type.

Essentials Facial

50 min $105

Take our Express Facial, add a masque and a luxurious facial massage.

Mountain High, Ocean Deep

50 min $110

Sensitive — Your sensitive skin needs a little extra TLC so we’ve called upon the ocean’s bounty for a combination of soothing marine actives to revive the skin’s natural beauty, giving it balance and natural protection from the elements.

Altitude Adjustment

50 min $115

Restructuring — In the rarefied air of Colorado, your skin needs a boost to renew and smooth out wrinkles. Pro-retinol, the Vitamin A product used in this facial, is a preventative treatment that stimulates skin to renew and eliminate dead cells. Your skin will become brighter, faster.

Moisture’s Kiss

50 min $115

Moisturizing — Keep your moisture to yourself. This moisture infused treatment employs marine sap, wheat proteins, Vitamin B3 and C to help improve skin’s appearance and strengthen its ability to keep moisture locked in.

Fresh Faces

50 min $150

Need to recover lost moisture in a hurry? A glycolic exfoliant removes the skin’s outmost layer, revealing a smooth complexion underneath. Then we apply a therapeutic mask and rich moisturizing compounds. You’ll feel and see the difference right away.

Sonya Dakar Fitness Facial

50 min $120

The Sonya Dakar Fitness Facial is designed to get skin into shape. This treatment involves cleansing skin, any necessary extractions, light exfoliation with pumpkin enzymes, and a protein mask infused with essential oils and Blue Azulene extract to strengthen skin cells and improve elasticity. The Facial Fitness Treatment is meticulously customized to your skin’s needs–be it quenching your skin’s thirst, clearing unflattering breakouts, or repairing sun damage and fine lines. You’ll leave looking and feeling like a million.

Sonya Dakar UltraLuxe Age Control Facial

50 min $205

A superior treatment that leaves the skin lifted, radiant and rejuvenated through a new and advanced anti-aging complex and the unique Sonya Dakar Interval Massage, to detoxify and tighten. Combining the best of both ingredient worlds the natural and the scientific. This is ideal for addressing the age concerns of the neck and décolleté .

Healthy Back

50 min $100

An intensive treatment for the health of your back, this therapy includes exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, light massage and a hydrating masque, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh. A simple solution for a hard-to-reach area.

Call (303) 312-8940 to book facials in downtown Denver at The Brown Palace.

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